Our Process

Work with us – Simple as 1-2-3!


Start by sending us your most recent invoices for goods such as meat, seafood, produce, paper goods and cleaning supplies through our upload link here.
All pricing will remain confidential.


From these documents we will create a detailed spend analysis and map out your bi-weekly and annualized savings potential. We will present our findings in a virtual or in-person meeting.


Last, join the Leverage family! We will walk you through every step, connect you to our service providers, and on board you to our member dashboard for a smooth transition.

What makes Leverage different?

Leverage Buying Group is just that, a group of restaurants and business owners who are stronger together. You can expect personalized service, one-on-one conversations on how to save your business money, and a group that gets stronger with every new member.

Compared to other GPOs, Leverage is…


Buy the products you want to buy.

No procurement or brand police

You are always in control.

No exclusivity

Utilize Leverage and other purveyors if needed.

Personalized services for members

Enjoy customized reporting and individual service.

No long-term contract

Just buying power you can trust.

Unlock the power of Leverage Buying Group!

Many businesses qualify, let’s find out if yours does today. Email us today to discuss.


The Industry’s Top Data and Insight Tool

Leverage Buying Group is here for you every step of the way especially when it comes to understanding your data. Each member gains access to the food service industry’s most versatile procurement software, InsideTrack. Let us walk your through getting the most out of your purchases.