Independent Restaurants

Membership Perks

Leverage members receive access to highly competitive group pricing, quarterly manufacturer rebates, and customized support.

Restaurants across Northern California have joined us to take control of their cost of goods, resulting in dramatic savings that allow owners to focus on what’s most important.

Independent restaurants outside of Northern California can join our rebate program to get cash back from manufacturers quarterly. Sign up for our free rebate program here.


Our average member saves 10% on their total purchasing budget by joining our buying group. Gain access to aggressive pricing programs for all of your restaurant products and service providers.

Enjoy savings on thousands of items for your restaurant at our exclusive group pricing rates.

Utilize deep reporting and buying analytics on your purchase portfolio inside the personalized member portal. Optimize your business with personalized buying suggestions, customized reporting, audits, and watch your cumulative savings grow.

As a member you receive the support of our experienced members services professionals who will get to know you and your business and be a go-to resource for complex decision making.

Get rewarded for being a member. Receive quarterly rebate checks on more than 165,000 items. Cash the check and we can also help with purchase conversions to save you even more!  The best part? No filing. No reporting. No paperwork. Just additional money you don’t have to spend time tracking down.

Free ServSafe classes, Labor Law posters, industry webinars, and bi-monthly newsletters. Leverage is thrilled to host a quarterly networking hour in and around Sacramento so we can get to know our group, share best practices, and create relationships.

Service Providers

Broadline Distribution

A national network of food suppliers and distributors who ensure that your restaurant is stocked from the kitchen to the office.


Trusted partner in providing the tools that make your restaurant a cleaner, safer, and healthier place to work and dine.


Provides high-quality uniforms, linens, and restrooms supplies to maintain a clean environment and polished image.

General Produce

Strong network of Northern California's fresh produce purveyors providing competitive pricing and comprehensive product offerings.

Pepsi Program

Enjoy access to national pricing scales and annual rebate programs that make every purchase worth it.

Staples Advantage

Direct access to office supplies, PPE, custom printing services, including menus and directional signage from a vendor dedicated to your success.